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Thanks to our years of experience and close customer contact, we at The Vaporman Ltd know what you want, make time for you and have made it our goal to fulfil all our customers’ Needs, we always strive to go above and beyond what you may expect from a vape shop. while most people are thinking of going the extra mile we take this a stage further we look to go the inch at every opportunity and would like to think that we have selected products that deliver this and our service should always shine through. Established in 2013 We have been around the block and we know what works and what to avoid in the vaping industry. our E-liquids are hands selected and go through a rigorous process nothing even come close to getting into our stores without being tried and tested by our staff we test the liquids for a multitude of reasons but the main ones. We set out with one main goal Help as many smokers as possible make the switch to vaping, but we don’t just want you to make the switch we want to make sure you stay quit, that is why we go further than others we want also want to make the transition as easy as possible and always make sure we offer peace of mind. We are more than to advise on the kits for the right job. you will always receive our honest opinion on E-liquids and we are always happy to help. we list a few of the thing we do to ensure a great customer and a great vape experience but there is so many we could write a book below so here a few key differnce you get with The Vaporman

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