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Personal tragedy and circumstance brought the team at PURITY together forming an impenetrable bond with true determination and commitment to ‘share the truth’ and ‘spread the knowledge’.


That there is a naturally occurring plant that has so many health benefits. We want to dispel the fear surrounding what nature has offered us on a plate. The vitamins in this plant are nothing more than some of the vitamins our own bodies create, they fit like key to lock or hand in glove. They are very similar to vitamin D ( an endogenous vitamin ) that the body creates and uses as and when required, however our systems do not have limitless supplies or the ability to make vast amounts on tap, therefore we need to stand in the sunshine which helps the body create more vitamin D. The same can be said for many of the vitamins within the cannabis/hemp plant, although rather than standing in the sun to replenish these vitamins we SHOULD all in some form or other absorb them. This can be done in many ways ie: oils, vaping, eating or topical.

We at PURITY want and now have the ability to share 100% full spectrum PCR (phyto cannabinoid rich) products with ZERO % THC (the psychoactive compound that gets you high) at a price range to suit all.