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Hemp Botanics is owned by Nick and Lisa-Marie, they are the true Pioneers of the UK CBD market which they created after Nick successfully managed to control his Chronic pain and Autoimmune conditions with a diet change and cannabinoid supplementation, something that modern synthetic medicine failed to do. Nick went on to advise and help many other people in similar situations to himself and it wasn’t long before this organically grew into the business it is today.

“We started this new and exciting industry with a dedication to provide the UK, Europe and world with the finest quality, most ethically sourced, 100% legal Hemp based, full spectrum, Third party laboratory tested essential oil extracts, Terpenes and products available on the market today.”

Hemp Botanics has earned credibility as a trusted provider and wholesaler of all-natural, US grown hemp products from some of the best brands in the industry.

“We only sell products that contain American Hemp derived cannabinoids because we strongly believe that it is, genetically, some of the finest hemp in the world.”


Hemp Botanics has very good relationships with select members of Parliament including the House of Lords who have direct contact with the MHRA and the FSA. Everything we do is done so with complete transparency and the full knowledge and understanding of the British government and these regulatory bodies.

We ensure that the highest quality growing procedures are maintained, use all organic material and that only the best extraction processes and quality control measures are practiced and maintained.

All Hemp Botanics stocked products are third-party laboratory tested to determine their cannabinoid profile and hemp extract potency, including full tests for Safety and contaminants. This ensures that every batch of product meets our strict standards for quality and consistency.

Our quality control consistently exceeds current market standards, we can provide a laboratory report for each product by batch number, so you know what you read on our product labels are exactly what you’ll get.
Trust that you’ll receive tested, credible products of consistent quality from Hemp Botanics.

By conducting accurate, third-party tests, we can substantiate the volume of CBD printed on our product labels, as well as provide clear ingredient lists and suggested usage information.

We strongly believe in the properties of hemp and cannabis and strive to make it safe and accessible for everyone.

Commitment to quality without compromise – Hemp Botanics

  • In January 2014 our founders became the first people to pioneer the UK CBD industry and to offer genuine laboratory tested CBD products for sale outside of America.
  • In August 2015 they became the first people since prohibition to successfully, commercially ship American grown, domestic Hemp derived cannabinoid products outside of the US, legally to the UK and then globally. This massive achievement then lead on to them both paving the way as true pioneers in the UK hemp/CBD industry by opening the global market for these US derived Hemp products.
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