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BD Relieve was founded back in September 2016. After researching the market extensively and after numerous visits / meetings with experts and suppliers in the USA, we knew we had to introduce this product to the UK market as soon as possible.


Whilst CBD was relatively unheard of in the UK, we launched our first product, our 100mg CBD e–liquid which features 5 flavours. Based on the popularity of this product, we then increased the strength range to 200mg and then introduced a 300mg due to popular demand.


We went from strength to strength and spent the best part of 12 months developing more ranges which led us on to our oral tincture range for sublingual absorption as another method of administering CBD. We started with an entry level strength of 500mg and after such a successful response, we followed up with a 1000mg and have recently launched a 2500mg.


We were then receiving enquiries on a daily basis asking for a vape kit designed for non vapers. This led us to the development of our CBD Relieve Vape Kit and Pre–Filled Cartridge range. This kit has been designed with the non vaper in mind. You simply screw your cartridge onto your battery and vape away! When the cartridge is empty, throw it in the bin and open a new one.


After realising that the UK market was much bigger than first anticipated, we have started our formulations and manufacturing procedures for new products. Our newest product arrivals include our 1g and 3g full spectrum, rich hemp oil, CBD body oil and high strength CBD body balm with another 6 products at development stages.


At present, CBD Relieve is now stocked into over 200+ vape shops, wellness centres and independent pharmacies around the UK alone.