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Carun is a specialist organic hemp producer that provides a wide-range of skincare and food supplements containing active compounds such as CBD.

Our products range from ointment and creams to CBD oil and balms, with quality produce and organic natural hemp at the heart.

We use organically farmed hemp to produce range with naturally occurring active compounds that you can find in all of our products. Thanks to our high-quality ingredients and expertise in advanced extraction, you can now consume CBD, terpenes, and other minerals safely as part of an everyday health routine.

Most importantly, none of our products contain substantial traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive element that is found in hemp, so they cannot induce a high.

This means our products are completely legal, completely safe and completely suitable for both adults and children. In fact, we are the No.1 branded hemp goods range and leader in the alternative health and wellbeing market in our home of the Czech Republic, where our organic natural hemp is farmed.

Importantly, all goods meet the stringent controlled conditions according to the pharmaceutical manufacturing conditions of ISO 13845. Plus, they are cruelty free and vegan friendly with no reported allergies during usage.

At Carun, we help people to better live their lives through the use of our natural and organic hemp products, completely free from any addictive qualities and legal all around the world.

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