Canaheal CBD

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Detailed Information

Our journey to healing through CBD and the creation of CanaHeal was derived of grief, family union and strength but above all hope. We are family run business who believe that everyone should be aware of and be able to feel the benefits of natural medicinal herbs. Cannabis is a medicinal herb. CBD is one of the non psychoactive compounds found in cannabis & CanaHeal (we believe) Gives you Hope.

Togetherness is very important in our family values. We have faith that we can achieve anything by connecting, supporting and working together.

Cancer first struck the head of our family unit and our father won the battle but the aftermath of traditional therapy is still effecting his health today. My Mother later, with time against her, sadly lost her battle. Had we not had to trawl through the internet to uncover the hidden treasures of alternative medicine she may still be with us today. Time ran out. We learned a lot and these days we have a qualified nutritionist & herbalist in the family who is determined to spread the word.

We believe in self healing through nutrition and a positive mental attitude. We aim to have a lasting & positive influence on anyone interested in leading a Healthy Lifestyle, We promote whole body healing and believe that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. This system has been practiced for over 3000 years in India through Ayurvedic medicine.

Canaheal is dedicated to the memory of our mother & the strength of my father.